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Svetruck 16120-38 Diesel Forklift Svetruck 16120-38
Diesel Forklift
Nr. 4297
Capacity16000 kg
Lift height4050 mm
Running hours53560

Price: 41.000,00 €
Still RX60-80/900 Electric 4-wheel forklift Still RX60-80/900
Electric 4-wheel forklift
Nr. 5226
Capacity8000 kg
Lift height4950 mm
Running hours2650
Battery V80 V

Price: on request
Manitou 120AETJC 2  Articulated Jib Platforms Manitou 120AETJC 2
Articulated Jib Platforms
Nr. 5366
Capacity200 kg
Working height11950 mm
Running hours60

Price: on request
Noblelift EDGE PTE15NSC Electric Pallet Truck Noblelift EDGE PTE15NSC
Electric Pallet Truck
Nr. 5399
Capacity1500 kg
Lift height115 mm
Running hours10
Battery V24 V

Price: on request

Get to know us

Hanselmann forklifts - a generation-run company in Crailsheim, in which everything revolves around forklifts, mobile cranes, aerial work platforms and heavy-duty special tools

Modern fleet

More than 1000 vehicles are not only available for the industrial services we carry out, but can also be rented or purchased flexibly and quickly. The average age of our vehicles is around 2 years!

Largest fleet of electric forklifts in the world
A third of our fleet is currently already on the road with electric drives and is charged with zero-emission electricity using electricity generated in-house.
Europe's largest rough terrain forklift fleet
We have been a full-service provider for years and specialize in particular in large festivals and events. With the largest fleet of all-terrain forklifts in Germany, we are able to meet every customer requirement in Germany and Europe.


Market leader in the heavy-duty sector

The latest technology thanks to zero-emission work, a large machine fleet that moves loads of up to 200 tons, and fast delivery - we can do all of that! Heavy-duty forklifts are increasingly being used by the military and in the pharmaceutical industry. But our heavy-duty forklifts are also regularly used for services or machine loading.

Time savings through new solutions

With the “Pharmamove” for a faster integration of pharmaceutical systems in clean rooms, we can reduce the time from the inspection of the assembled machine to the first production by up to 50% and thus realize a time advantage of weeks and months.
Furthermore, through the development of lifting devices without hydraulic oil, we have revolutionized the integration of machines and systems in clean rooms in the optical industry and, as the only provider of this option, we have a monopoly position.

Your problem solver - in the region and worldwide!

We make the impossible possible with our experience and our exceptional network.
As a strong partner, both in the region and worldwide!

Special Offer

*Sonstige TRAFA AML Industrial trailers *Sonstige TRAFA AML
Industrial trailers
Nr. 3672
Capacity60000 kg

Price: 35.000,00 €
*Sonstige TPW30 AL-PA6000-2000 Industrial trailers *Sonstige TPW30 AL-PA6000-2000
Industrial trailers
Nr. 2064
Capacity30000 kg

Price: on request
*Sonstige TPW20 AL-PA Industrial trailers *Sonstige TPW20 AL-PA
Industrial trailers
Nr. 2819
Capacity20000 kg

Price: 16.000,00 €
*Sonstige TPW20 AL-PA Industrial trailers *Sonstige TPW20 AL-PA
Industrial trailers
Nr. 3234
Capacity25000 kg

Price: 14.000,00 €

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